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tester, shelf display unit for retailers

We are now shipping the Sola Egg collection! This clean, eye-catching POS/tester display unit (pictured above) is available for free, with minimum purchase. Call us for details. (800) 486-6247

Sola Wellness massagerSola Passion Massager

Sola in the bathtub. It's waterproof!

Sola light indicator

Sola pressure sensitive graphic

Sola illustration

Sola plug close up

Sex for Breast Cancer Survivors

Through today’s class we have had the awesome opportunity to connect with the people at Living Beyond Breast Cancer and Ana Ono Intimates. The whole event was inspired by CalExotics and the release of their Inspire health & wellness line! Here are some videos so you can keep up with the conversation.

Meet Dana Donofree of Ana Ono Intimates:

Gain perspective on how breast cancer can affect one’s body image:

How does breast cancer affect sex though? Watch this:

Sometimes cancer treatment can also mean early and temporary or permanent menopause. Learn more:

Here’s Ducky talking about the Inspire Dilator Kit by CalExotics. You can purchase them from Komar Company. You can find more “Let’s Talk About It” videos from Living Beyond Breast Cancer here.

Classic Erotica: Order Up + Reap Rewards!

Did you know we have free floor samples for stores that buy 3 or more deep on an item? Look for the blue “testers may be available” badge, order 3 or more of any individual items, and then call and ask for any available testers. You can get to two free floor samples in any 12 month period of time. Plus, we love to get your calls and supporting your success!


The Conquest

Reviews are in and they are all glowing! Available in black (SHT325BLK), purple (SHT325PUR), and pink (SHT325PNK). Unique suction, perfect for clits, nips, and his frenulum. The price is good too!

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